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Here I will post various video blogs that I will film throughout my study abroad experience! 🙂

This is a short video I took the first night I spent in Montevideo, Uruguay on 10 August, 2011  It is quite common for Uruguayan and Argentine households to have a bidet like this one.  As an unseasoned tourist, I was unaware of their existence… until now.

There is a small memorial to the holocaust on the shore of the Rio de la Plata in Montevideo, Uruguay

This was my first trip to a Uruguayan ‘beach.’  Although the water comes from the river, Uruguayans still consider this to be a beach.

La Pasiva is a popular Uruguayan restaurant – similar to Red Robin in the U.S.  In this video I am trying some typical Uruguayan dishes for the first time.

Riding a bus in Montevideo, Uruguay can be a hit or a miss.  The buses are kind of old and drive very fast so the ride can be quite bumpy at times.  I’ve been on buses that literally run things over – from ‘road work ahead’ signs to motorcyclists.  This video should explain itself.

This is Plaza Matriz (Plaza Constitucion) in Montevideo, Uruguay.  It is home to one of the first churches to be built in the city, as well as the location of the signing of Uruguay’s first constitution.

In both Buenos Aires and Montevideo, random protests are common.  Libertad o Muerte (Liberty or Death) is the national motto of Uruguay, and its citizens take advantage of it by wholeheartedly expressing any opinion in the form of protest.

Uruguay was the first Latin American country to recognize civil unions, and now it is pushing to legalize same-sex marriage.  Here is a video of the annual gay rights march in Montevideo, 2011.

The streets of Montevideo can get dirty at times.  Hundreds of stray dogs roam the streets and dig through the garbage at night, and most Uruguayan streets lack adequate trash depositories.

Every weekend I travel by Buquebus ferry between Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay.  Here is a peek into what it’s like on board.

In Uruguay we hang our clothes to dry.  It took a while to adjust to the idea of everyone looking at my under garments while they hung to dry in the front yard.  (Oh, and by everyone I mean Blackie…the dog…hahaha, just kidding).  🙂

My boyfriend’s mother has this little canary.  He hates it, but I think it’s rather amusing.

They say that the bugs are bigger in South America.  During my first week at my new home stay, this little critter flew into my room.  Not cool.

In October, Uruguay celebrated the 200th anniversary of the start of its revolution.  Here are two short videos of an acrobatic troupe ringing in the bicentennial.  More videos from this event soon to come.

In November I visited Punta del Este, a beach resort on Uruguay’s East coast.

More Punta del Este

And More…


Off Punta del Este is the sea lion island, home to thousands of sea lions and elephant seals.  In the evening when fishermen return to Punta with their daily catch, the seals stop by for their daily treat.

A lot of graffiti is painted along the wall which protects Punta del Este from harsh weather.

I shot some footage of this lonesome dog I found on the shore at Punta del Este.  He was so cute!

The Eastern Uruguayan coast is filled with seashells - mostly mussels - but many colorful and unique shells.

Another short clip from p. del este


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