Posted by: talljoe | November 9, 2011

Punta del Este: A Beach Resort in Uruguay

Click here to view photos from my recent beach vacation in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I spent a long weekend in Punta del Este – a beach resort on the East coast of Uruguay.  Overall my experience was great.  The beaches were beautiful.  The sand was white and very fine, there were tons of seashells and sea lions.  We stayed in the Azul hotel on the main street in the city.  The hotel was average – nothing too special.  The breakfast, on the other hand, was delicious!  We bought a group-on that gave us access to the complementary breakfast buffet.  There were various pastries, eggs and toast, jams and dulce de leche (juices and coffee of course!).  Breakfast in Uruguay is quite small compared to the large breakfasts I’m used to eating in the States.

On the second day, we walked around the Beverly Hills area to look at the mansions.  Many Brazilians, Argentines, Europeans and retired Americans have summer homes in Punta del Este.  As I was taking pictures of the various mansions, I felt as though I was paparazzi walking through a celeb filled neighborhood in Southern California!

One of the most unique experiences from Punta was watching the sea lions eat the leftover fish from the fishermen in the port.  I’ve never seen any sea creatures that close outside of the Pittsburgh and National zoos.

I was terribly sick the last day with sun poisoning.  I wore sunscreen, but not on my face because I didn’t want to spray it into my contacts (fail!).  I guess I should buy some cream sunscreen next time.

Overall Punta del Este was great.  It was quite out of the ordinary to walk on the beach in November, feeling the sun beating down on my shoulders.  In the U.S.  I live several hours from any beach, and Punta del Este is only a short two hour bus ride from Montevideo.  I’ll definitely be visiting Punta del Este again in the near future.


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