Posted by: talljoe | September 16, 2011

Whoomp! There it is!!

The water this morning... pear juice anyone?

I woke up yesterday morning, tired after a long night, barely getting six hours of sleep.  I stumble into the bathroom, hardly able to open my eyes.  I turned on the faucet and quickly began spritzing my face with cold water.  When I am finally able to open my eyes and look down into the sink, I noticed… The water was orangeWhat’s going on here?! I thought as I quickly shut off the tap.  Did I sleepwalk last night and try to give myself a spray-on tan then absentmindedly gorge on a family size bag of cheese doodles?  I stopped for a moment and then slowly started the water again.  It was as though someone had swapped the waterline with a keg of diluted orange soda.  I waited for a few moments.  The color didn’t change.  I turned off the faucet and went to class – without washing my face.

I’ve never really thought about the quality of the water in Buenos Aires.  Just across the river in Uruguay, the tap water is pristine – very drinkable.  Since arriving in Buenos Aires last month I’ve always considered the tap water to be up to par with Montevideo’s.  I’m having second thoughts.  This morning the water was better – not clear, but definitely not orange soda.  I bought a few bottles of water and stashed them in the fridge.  For now, I’m shutting off the tap.


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